Peregian Springs , Sunshine Coast – South East Queensland




Civil construction of 370 residential Lots in 14 Stages



  • On call civil construction set-out
  • Precise set-out in established corridors

JFP has been engaged for the past 5 years to provide engineering surveying expertise to assist in the construction of a master planned residential community.

Ridges & Peregian Springs Estate is a 1300 Lot Community Title Scheme.  To reduce land transfer administrative requirements the spatial location of infrastructure is locked in well ahead of physical construction.  JFP’s well established meticulous and thorough work procedures are critical to ensure a quality result is achieved on each residential stage as it is constructed within this estate.

The review and compilation of the accurate civil construction information is paramount in delivering a quality development.  JFP’s extensive experience and capabilities ensures the contractor is provided with the precise and convenient construction details in a timely manner to ensure a quality result is achieved on the project.