Gladstone, Central Queensland




Internationally recognised Bulk Cargo Port shipping over 115 million tonnes in recent years




  • The Port is one of Central Queensland’s major economic drivers
  • Survey for Wiggins Island Coal Terminal Development
  • Works on both Port of Gladstone and Port Alma

JFP has been providing services to the Gladstone Ports Corporation over several decades. In particular JFP’s expertise in cadastral surveys is highly valued as it allows the Port to manage the complex leasing and free-holding of various sites in an efficient and effective manner.

Some of the interesting services provided to the Port Corporation by JFP include a large detailed survey for the Wiggins Island Coal Terminal and associated rail infrastructure over challenging and low lying terrain. Also precise surveys are often called for to facilitate the creation of complex perpetual leasing arrangements for Port lands, often extending into marine zones, to allow for the provision of Port Infrastructure even before it has been built.

JFP’s provision of a wide range of survey types to the Gladstone Ports Corporation proves beyond doubt that JFP has the experience and skills to service a major port authority over a long period to a high standard.