Boyne Island, Gladstone – Central Queensland




Aluminium Smelter with annual production of 545,000 tonnes.




  • Various surveys on Australia’s largest Aluminium Smelter
  • Complex construction survey set-outs such as critical Crane Rail alignment surveys
  • Provision of survey for on-going maintenance and expansion of smelter

JFP has been involved with the survey of the Boyne Aluminium Smelter since its inception in the early ‘80’s. The specialised experience that JFP has gained by working on Australia’s largest Aluminium Smelter is continually applied to deliver precise surveys within required tolerances in the often challenging environment of an operating aluminium smelter.

JFP understands the importance of providing its services in a manner that ensures that Boyne Smelters can continue operations as planned. For example, complex, high precision surveys have been completed for the Crane Rail alignments in a manner which allowed for the fabrication and installation of the Crane Rails in a minimum of time so that all important production schedules could be met. JFP also understands the high value placed on safe operations within the plant. By using experience gained from decades of safe practice on the plant along with a policy of only using experienced surveyors on site, JFP is able to ensure high safety standards.

JFP has consistently provided its services to Australia’s largest Aluminium smelter over a significant period of time. From this JFP has gained invaluable knowledge and experience that only such exposure to a major industrial plant can bring. JFP continues to assist Boyne Smelters to mark out their future and also regularly assists a significant number of other major industrial plants in Queensland to measure their ongoing operations and expansions.