About JFP

JFP is a multi-disciplinary urban consulting practice with a history of over 80 years of continuous contribution to the development of the urban environment. JFP continues to demonstrate its strengths today in the design and delivery of a diverse range of urban projects. This includes Master Planned Communities, Residential Estates, Commercial, Industrial, Senior Living, Health + Education, Open Space, Government and Infrastructure projects.

JFP’s distinctive multi-disciplinary structure provides our clients with the ability to save considerable time and money. This is achieved by employing a single consulting group to progress their urban projects. JFP can take projects from concept, through design, approval and construction to final completion.

With abilities in Town Planning, Urban Design, Surveying + Spatial Services, Civil + Water Engineering, Landscape Architecture + Arboriculture and 3D Visualisations, JFP is able to offer a truly integrated approach to the urban environment.

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Our Philosophy

A Well Balanced Approach

JFP’s distinctive collection of professional disciplines promotes a well balanced mix of creativity and precision that can be applied to any project within the urban environment. Within JFP, our highly creative Urban Designers, Master Planners & Landscape Architects inspire innovation and lateral thinking. At the same time, the high level of precision consistently displayed by our Engineers, Surveyors and Town Planners is a reminder of the need to remain focused on project goals. By balancing both creativity and precision, all of JFP’s professionals seek to provide the right advice, at the right time in the right way.

Concept to Completion

JFP’s various disciplines can work individually, alongside other industry peers, or as part of the overall JFP team. When working as a whole, JFP is able to provide consulting services from a project’s Concept stage through to Completion due to its distinctive multi-disciplinary structure. This offers clients the opportunity to appoint a single consultancy to manage all the major aspects of their project. JFP offers a truly integrated approach to the planning, design and project management of future urban environments and infrastructure.


Our vision is to create vibrant places and communities which respect the environment, respond to physical challenges, embrace high quality design principles, are sustainable and, importantly, meet our client’s commercial objectives. Taking a well balanced approach allows us to deliver great solutions for each and every project. Ultimately our vision is for JFP to effectively and efficiently assist our clients to create excellent urban environments.

Our History

JFP’s proud history can be traced right back to the trenches of Gallipoli. Ron McInnes, who is credited with surveying Quinn’s Post at ANZAC Cove, returned home to begin a survey practice and later became Australia’s first qualified town planner. McInnes employed and nurtured the career of Clem Jones; JFP’s founder. Entrepreneurial and energetic, Clem revolutionised Survey practice in Australia before continuing onto an illustrious career as Lord Mayor of Brisbane.

Prior to becoming Lord Mayor of Brisbane in 1961 Clem passed his practice onto his associates, Ron Jones, Graham Flint & John Pike. Thus the JFP name was born.

During the ’60s JFP developed into one of the largest Survey and Urban Consulting practices in Australia. JFP’s revolutionary multi-disciplinary approach was later developed in the 1970s. This occured with the creation of an Engineering company and greater recognition of Town Planning & Urban Design as separate disciplines. JFP’s multi-disciplinary approach was further enhanced with the foundation of a Landscape Architecture practice in the mid-2000s. In more recent years, JFP has added further specialist services such as Arboriculture, Water Engineering and 3D Modelling & Visualisations to its offering.

JFP’s long history of over 80 years of practice has created an experienced, well-respected Urban Consultancy team. JFP’s wide ranging skills and experience allow it to offer Clients the benefits of a well balanced approach when devising solutions to the many complexities facing the Urban Environment today.

The dynamic spirit which saw the establishment of a Survey practice in the 1940’s, helped JFP launch the multi-disciplinary approach in the 1970’s and more recently expand its service offering further is an essential quality in JFP’s character. Given JFP’s proven ability to evolve across the generations, this same spirit continues to inspire JFP’s Urban Consultancy services today.

Diversity + Inclusion at JFP

JFP recognises the power of diversity. Our business by nature is diverse, as is our client base and business partnerships. We strive to ensure our workforce reflects this diversity, understanding that it is our company’s diversity that brings with it the unique skills, perspectives and experiences it takes to deliver our projects in a well considered and well rounded way.

To ensure we foster a diverse and inclusive workplace culture, where everyone is welcome, safe and can belong, our management team, in consultation with their staff have developed some key commitments. We will;

  • Work together to ensure recruitment and career development across our teams continues to be based on merit, a culmination of effort, knowledge, experience and ability, regardless of backgrounds.
  • Maintain a culture that recognises the importance of, and supports, a Healthy Work/Life Balance.
  • Encourage a workplace culture that is respectful of differences, so that we can continue to collaborate positively and be productive as a team.
  • Foster a work environment that is supportive, flexible, accessible and considerate of our people

These commitments to diversity and inclusion also extend to our approach when collaborating with our clients, industry partners and suppliers ensuring we deliver our services through respectful engagement.

Together, by meeting these commitments, our ability to collaborate and create in a well considered and respectful way will be greatly enhanced, leading to more productive and meaningful outcomes that benefit all involved.

Our Affiliations


Planning Institute of Australia
Surveyors Board of Queensland
Engineers Australia
Stormwater Australia
Stormwater Australia
Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand
Queensland Environmental Law Association
Queensland Environmental Law Association


Urban Development Institute Australia (Queensland)
Property Council of Australia


Business Chamber Queensland
Business Southbank
Gladestone Engineering Alliance
Maroochydore Chamber of Commerce
Maroochydore Chamber of Commerce
Caloundra Chamber of Commerce
Caloundra Chamber of Commerce

Our Accreditations

Accreditations have been granted by a number of authorities in recognition of the precise systems that JFP has developed. Further detailed information is available on request.

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PQC Registration Number: 286A - Level: 3
Envirodevelopment UDIA QLD
BCC - SealSmart
BCC - SealSmart
BCC - Risk Smart
BCC - Risk Smart
Logan - Risk Smart Accreditation
Logan - Risk Smart Accreditation
Unity Water Accredited Entity