Everton Park, Brisbane – South East Queensland



Project Partners: Ellivo Architects


56 Townhouses



  • Fifty-six architecturally designed townhouses
  • Large communal area and pool facilities
  • Effectively incorporating steep natural grade into unique design solutions

Mirvac’s multistage Townhouse development at Everton Park, Greystone Terraces, benefited from JFP’s multidisciplinary approach and ability to work effectively with Project Architects. This approach ensured the smooth delivery of fifty-six townhouse units from Concept to Construction.

The site presented with a range of challenges and opportunities, primarily stemming from its steep gradient. The opportunity was seen to utilise the steep gradient at the sites boundary to provide a statement infinity pool within a large communal area as an impressive entry statement to the development. Designed in conjunction with Ellivo Architects, the community space includes a multi-level area with BBQ facilities and a gym for residents.

Due to the sloping site, managing stormwater drainage while maintaining yield was a major challenge. JFP’s Engineers specified underground storage tanks along the sites downstream boundary as an innovative way of managing flows without impacting on project yield.

Greystone Terraces is a great example of how JFP is able to work as part of an effective team, alongside a high-quality Client and Architects, to create high quality outcomes on challenging sites.