Nanango, South Burnett – Wide Bay – Burnett




Upgrade of Drayton St and associated side streets



  • Detailed Design of Major Streetscape Upgrade to Nanago’s ‘Main Street’
  • Incorporation of the history of Nanango into the design
  • Detailed road & drainage design

Working for South Burnett Regional Council, JFP was commissioned to complete a major streetscape upgrade to the main street of the regional town of Nanango, to create a vibrant and comfortable town centre.

Focussing on Drayton Street and into adjacent side streets, JFP was responsible for completing detailed concepts and design of the streetscape this included a new parking layout and road design, new alfresco dining opportunities, custom street furniture and vehicular barriers and hardscape design.

The aim of the design was to ground proof and develop the broad masterplan that Council had for the area, whilst incorporating the story and history of Nanango into the design. In order to do this, JFP devised a durable, artistic hardscape design that portrays the aboriginal meaning for the area – ‘the place where the waters gather together’.

As a team, JFP’s Civil Engineers and Landscape Architect were able to achieve a road and parking design that increased planting opportunities and pedestrian areas. This allowed for new alfresco dining opportunities along the street, helping to create a pedestrian friendly, inviting town centre.

The Drayton street project is an example of JFP’s multi-disciplinary ability to deliver integrated streetscape solutions for Local Governments.