BSurv GradDipIT


Tony has a history of hands-on dedication and innovation over a career spanning four decades. His grounding as a Surveyor gives him an enviable perspective on ICT within a professional services realm. His insightful leadership is not restricted to IT and is called upon to inform JFP’s strategy on a daily basis.

His Surveying degree is bolstered with experience in Spatial Science systems and post graduate qualifications in Information Technology. Tony’s blend of experience, as a user of technology in the field and his wide ranging understanding of networks and information systems allows him to provide practical, client focused IT solutions.

His extensive knowledge of systems equips him to adjust JFP’s trajectory, allowing him to deliver the leading edge solutions required in today’s complex business environment.

Tony’s determined input has resulted in ICT Systems which are both practical and innovative. His relentless quest for highly functional, leading edge solutions will see that this delicate balance is maintained at JFP well into the future.

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