Four years in the making

Four years in the making – Bridgeman Downs Neighbourhood Plan coming 1 September 2023  

By Jane Hammill

After four years of preparation, Brisbane City Council has finalised its new vision for the Bridgeman Downs area, with the adoption of the new Bridgeman Downs Neighbourhood Plan. Whilst only adopted at this stage, the new plan will come into effect on 1 September 2023.

The final version of the Neighbourhood Plan is generally consistent with the draft consultation versions released by BCC, with a number of unique requirements aimed at addressing the established character of the area.

Whilst the new plan provides clarity on the development intents for the area, we note that specific provisions apply to the four distinct precincts identified in the document. These should be carefully considered when undertaking due diligence in the area.

In this regard please don’t hesitate to contact our Brisbane Planning Team should you have any specific queries on a development proposal within the Bridgeman Downs area.  

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