Aidan Baker – From School to Uni via a Traineeship

Aidan Baker – From School to Uni via a Traineeship

We recently caught up with Aidan Baker, based in our Central Queensland office to have a chat with him about his traineeship.

Q:  How did you get into the traineeship that you are doing?

After school I had no idea what I wanted to do. I was working two casual jobs between then and when I first started at JFP. One day Dad saw the advert for a surveying traineeship here and showed it to me and asked “what do ya think?” It sounded pretty good to me. I came and handed in my resume and a couple weeks later I was offered a couple days experience, which I really enjoyed.

Q:  What sorts of things do you get to do at work?

I get to complete a variety of surveys; including construction setout, detail surveys, monitoring surveys, as constructed surveys, topographic surveys, volume surveys, level runs & assist with Remote Control Boat bathymetry surveys. I also check & draft plans, assist with drone processing, assist in equipment maintenance and create volume & setout reports.

Q:  What are the benefits of ‘on the job’ training?

I get real world experience in all aspects of surveying and experience of what goes on before and after a survey is completed. I also get used to hearing the lingo that is used by surveyors and people on construction sites, which helps me understand what people are talking about.

Q:  How do you find the work/study balance?

The work/study balance can sometimes be a little difficult. However, it is usually very balanced. I’m fortunate enough that I have the option to have a study day if required.

Q:  What advice would you give to someone considering a Surveying traineeship with JFP?

Some advice I would give would be the following. You should enjoy being outdoors and enjoy mathematics and be good with numbers. You should also be interested in 3d modelling and have communication skills. I’d say that if you have these qualities, surveying might be what you are looking for.

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