SC Land Supply Study – Part 2

The Sunshine Coast Land Supply Study – Part 2

The Sunshine Coast Land Supply Study, conducted by JFP Urban Consultants in association with the UDIA (QLD), provides detailed insights to answer the question…’What is the real state of Residential Greenfield Land Supply in Australia’s fastest growing region’?

The detailed results report for the study, which identifies and rates 90 potential greenfield development sites across the Sunshine Coast, includes the following details for each site;

  • Location
  • Gross area
  • Zoning and overlays
  • Potential yield (according to LSDM methodology)
  • Ranking according to ten UDIA members with local experience
  • Development Issues as noted by the ten UDIA members

The report provides a comprehensive, ordered and detailed overview of current residential greenfield development site opportunities within the Sunshine Coast Region’s Planning Scheme.

Find out more about the detailed results of the study via the link below;

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