BCC Proposes Planning Scheme Changes

BCC Proposes Planning Scheme Changes

Amendments K and N to the City Plan 2014

1.1 Amendment K

Zone Changes

  • Rezoning EC to LDR where appropriate;
  • LDR zone code is being amended to require the provision of a structure plan for lots greater than 7,000m2;
  • Rezoning land acquired by BCC through the Bushland Acquisition Program to conservation – 75 Van Dieren Road has been rezoned. Land acquired within urban park corridors have been included in the Open space zone.


  • Additional/removal of Commercial character buildings;
  • Addition/removal of dwelling house character to reflect zoning changes;
  • Addition of significant landscape trees to reflect vegetation protection Orders under NALL – subsequent changes to the overlay code also;
  • Streetscape hierarchy changes for consistency with footpaths and transitions;
  • Changes to traditional building character overlay to reflect properties in the Commercial Character overlay.

Industry Changes

  • Supporting new uses in industry zones where meeting certain criteria’s;
  • Updating car parking rates in alignment with contemporary employment densities, technologies, and increasing hours of operation.

Park Changes

  • Modifying parts of the City Plan to streamline the delivery of parks by BCC.

Heritage Changes

  • Updating Heritage overly code to clarify the intent and application of performance, and the Heritage PSP to reference guidance on how to prepare a Conservation management Plan;
  • Removing reference for State heritage places to be assessed by BCC.

2.1 Amendment N

  • Amendment to reflect the latest Australian Standards for Public lighting;
  • Changed to the Infrastructure design planning scheme policy to reflect industry best practice;
  • Update to Chapter 7 of the Stormwater drainage of the Infrastructure design planning scheme policy to ensure proprietary stormwater treatment devices have appropriate certification from the Stormwater Quality Improvement Device Evaluation Process (SQIDEP;.
  • Removal of redundant and inclusion of new Brisbane Standard Drawings and Reference Specifications.
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