Chris Rates Green Star Projects

Chris Rates Green Star Projects

The Green Building Council of Australia’s (GBCA) Green Star – Communities rating tool is a set of principles that guides and supports the development of sustainable communities. It is a well-accepted and credible rating tool.

JFP is fortunate to have within our ranks Chris van der Pol, a Senior Town Planner and Urban Designer from the Sunshine Coast, who combines extensive experience gained over three decades with a passion for delivering sustainable communities.

Actions speak louder than words. Chris has been taking tangible steps towards supporting sustainability for some time. He provided peer review services to the GBCA when they started preparing the Green Star – Communities rating tool in 2012, and since that time has maintained his status as a Green Star Accredited Professional and served as an independent, Certified Assessor for the GBCA, evaluating the compliance of large-scale community projects across Australia.  Chris has also provided consultancy services to West Village in securing its 6-star Green Star – Communities rating.

Under the rating tool, project performance is assessed under the categories of Governance, Liveability, Economic Prosperity, Environment and Innovation. A score is then calculated to rate projects as 4-star (Australian best practice), 5-star (Australian excellence) or 6-star (world leadership).

There are over 50 Green Star – Communities projects nationwide, in which 795,000 people will live or work.  The rating tool is relevant to residential, commercial or mixed-use projects at precinct, neighbourhood or community scale and delivers long-term benefits for residents, operators, developers and government alike.

Chris’ experience in the formulation and application of the Green Star – Communities rating tool is extensive. We would encourage community developers to contact Chris to learn more about Green Star – Communities and to discuss how JFP can assist you with the accreditation or recertification of your project.

Images courtesy of Green Building Council of Australia

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