Koala Habitat Mapping

Update on the QLD Government’s Koala Habitat Mapping

Since the introduction of the new Koala conservation protection framework on 7 February, 2020, the Department of Environment and Science (DES) has recently amended the locally refined koala habitat area map by incorporating new data on high value regrowth areas in August 2020.

This update increases the locally refined koala habitat area by 24,467ha, resulting in a total area of 716,266ha now regulated through the new framework.

Locally refined koala habitat areas include areas of mature vegetation that may not meet the criteria for core koala habitat areas. Regardless, these areas will be afforded the same protection as core koala habitat, as a temporary protection for two years.

Following consultation with local governments it is expected that these areas will be transitioned into the core koala habitat map, where the core koala habitat criteria is met and introduced as part of the first annual mapping update, anticipated for April 2021.

In addition to these matters DES will be working with Local governments to provide improved options for updating local planning instruments and biodiversity mapping.  Also, any new habitat data captured will be encouraged to be presented.

Landowners and the community are also encouraged to get involved, with opportunities for the public to apply to DES to make, amend or revoke koala habitat area mapping on their land, though subject to the approved process.  A guideline and application forms are available on the Departments website: https://environment.des.qld.gov.au/wildlife/animals/living-with/koalas/mapping/map-amendment-requests.


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