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The draft New Noosa Plan was first released for public consultation from 18 February – 20 May 2019. In response to submissions, a number of changes are now proposed that are considered “significant” under the Planning Act 2016 in terms of effect on land use outcomes and assessment requirements for certain types of development.

At Noosa Council’s Special Meeting on 12 September 2019, Council endorsed changes to the draft New Noosa Plan that are considered “significantly different” to the previous version advertised. Therefore, they needed to undergo further consultation as required under the Planning Act 2016.

Only matters identified as “significant” are now on public notification. These include —

  • The zoning of properties;
  • The approach to short term accommodation within various residential zones and other zones;
  • The provisions for the Major Centres at Noosa Business Centre and Noosa Junction;
  • The provisions relating to Industry Zones;
  • The Riparian Buffers shown on Biodiversity Overlay maps;
  • Mapping and provisions of the Coastal Protection Overlay.

The “significant” changes to the draft New Noosa Plan can be viewed online now.

Any person may make a submission about the “significant” changes to the draft New Noosa Plan during the consultation period, which ends on Monday 11 November 2019.

As required by the State Government, the New Noosa Plan will differ from the existing Noosa Plan with changes to the structure, zones and land use definitions in particular.

A summary of the significant changes to the draft New Noosa Plan are outlined below:


There are 14 proposed rezoning changes that will vary from the previous notification round. An overview of some of the affected sites follows:

  • There are minor amendments around Cooroy, which seek to retain the Rural zoning as opposed to up-zoning to Rural Residential.
  • Other examples are provided around Lake Cooroibah, Boreen Point, Kin Kin and John’s Landing Nature Reserve, where the zoning has been amended to better reflect the current and long terms uses applying to the land.
  • In Pomona, Council proposes to remove the Rural Residential zoning and introduce a number of split zonings i.e. Environmental Management and Low Density Residential, to delineate the areas of developable and constrained land; this applies to approx. 22 lots.
  • In Noosa, land surplus to the Catholic church (in Tewantin) is being converted to Medium density residential, and another large residential lot (3000m2) is being converted to Medium Density Residential Zone, to facilitate additional relocatable homes occurring on adjoining land.
  • The area east of Munna Street to Barbados Crescent, is to be rezoned from Tourist Accommodation zone to Medium Density Residential zone, to reflect the existing building height of 2 storey as opposed to the allowable 3 storeys.
  • The Island Resort is also being changed from Medium Density Residential to Tourist Accommodation zone to reflect its existing built form height of 3 storeys
  • Areas along Eumundi Noosa Rd are to be up-zoned to Medium Density Residential consistent with adjoining sites.
  • The Noosa Civic centre precinct on the eastern side of Walter Hay Dr is being down-zoned from High Density Residential to Recreational and Open Space zone. Council’s bushfire expert has advised the residential zoning is not appropriate, due to the site’s limited access, which is positioned in the direction of fire hazard.
  • Part of Noosa Springs Golf and Spa Resort (Lot 4 on SP 178340) is being converted to Tourist accommodation to the realign the urban boundary in this location, and to accommodate a small premium accommodation product on the lower (western) portion of the existing resort.
  • Another site is proposed to be up zoned in Sunrise Beach to Medium Density Residential consistent with adjoining properties.

Short Term Accommodation

After considering submissions on the Draft New Noosa Plan, Council has made significant changes to how the new planning scheme will regulate short-term accommodation. This includes whether the use is consistent or not in any particular zone, and whether a planning application is required.

The new planning scheme will be supported by a complementary new Letting Local Law for Short-term accommodation, which will separately regulate operational aspects of short-term accommodation with a code of conduct currently being developed by Council.

Home Hosted Properties

Where you are hosting paying guests in just part of your home while you as the host remain in residence, is not considered “short-term accommodation” but is a home-based business, which is generally ‘accepted development’, subject to code provisions and as such does not require a planning approval.

What has changed

  • The short-term accommodation maps have been removed to ensure a more consistent approach across the Shire.
  • A home which is the principal place of residence will be able to be let for short term accommodation without planning approval on up 4 occasions per year while the residence is away, provided this does not exceed 60 nights in a year. Further, if the usual tenant is vacating the property for at least 3 months and have the same guest in the house for the whole time this is not considered short term accommodation and no planning approval is required.
  • New provisions in the Planning scheme codes will address the planning aspects of short-term accommodation where it is more regular occurrence. In most residential zones, the use is consistent, subject to either code or impact assessment where the property is proposed to be used for the first time.
  • Additional properties proposed to be used for short term accommodation will be inconsistent in the Low-density residential zone

Existing use rights

Planning approval will not be required where existing uses right have been established

What planning application would be necessary for short term accommodation

Table 1 below outlines the Proposed level of assessment for short terms accommodation (Source –

Noosa Plan Short Term Accommodation
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