Congratulations Andrew!

Congratulations Andrew!

Congratulations and thanks to Andrew Miller, our Survey Manager in Central Queensland, for reaching the milestone of 15 years of service at JFP.

After joining the team in 2004 as a Field Surveyor, Andrew took on the role of Survey Manager for our Central Queensland office in Gladstone under difficult circumstances in 2012. Since that time Andrew has worked tirelessly to build our local team into a unit that consistently delivers strong outcomes for our Central Queensland Clients. This has been achieved despite the Central Queensland economy experiencing major challenges in recent years.

In addition, Andrew has also been instrumental in the introduction of JFP’s innovative Spatial Services; such as Remotely Piloted Aircraft (aka Drones), Remote Controlled Water-borne Vessels for Bathymetric Surveys and Laser Scanning.

We are confident with Andrew in charge in Central Queensland that JFP will continue to deliver strong and innovative services to our Clients in the region.

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