Project Snapshot – Highfields Sport & Recreation Park

Project Snapshot – Highfields Sport & Recreation Park

The design developed for the park by our Landscape Architects was centred on the theme of “gathering”.

Gathering of friends and family for events, play and recreation; gathering of teams for sports; large formal and small intimate gatherings.  The circular lines and spaces throughout the park design mirror both the circular layouts of the sports fields and the meeting places of the Waka Waka people.  The elevated position with views to the Bunya Mountains and remnant vegetation are important site features and have been celebrated throughout with lookouts, viewing nodes, paths and play equipment nestled within or meandering through the trees.

Following the detailed terrain model undertaken by JFP’s Surveyors, our Landscape Architects and Arborist developed the design to retain existing vegetation and to reduce modification of the landscape.

Play incorporates a mix of traditional equipment together with nature-based elements that encourage exploration and engagement with the site’s flora and fauna.  All abilities are provided opportunity to play.  There is also ample opportunity for free play amongst the tree fringed clearings across the site and exploratory play amongst the retained vegetation.  Customised shelters, furniture and BBQs, created in conjunction with Gossi Park & Street Furniture, provide for gatherings and picnics.

The park was opened to the public in March 2019.

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