Land-swap preserves vulnerable Sunshine Coast environment

Land-swap preserves vulnerable Sunshine Coast environment

The current expansion to the Sunshine Coast Airport at Marcoola is a positive step which will create many opportunities for Sunshine Coast residents.  It is, however, located near an environment which supports vulnerable fauna.

When considering the future of the Airport, Authorities were faced with a problem of how to best allow for expansion, with all the economic and social benefits that would bring, while still preserving a local environment with significant conservation values.

Queensland Department of the Environment and Science (DES) records show that the vegetation communities adjacent to the airport form one of a few remaining coastal areas supporting vulnerable species such as the

A resolution was found when a land swap was negotiated between the Airport and DES. The swap made land available for flood control measures associated with the airport expansion and in return increased the size of Mount Coolum National Park.

JFP was pleased to have been engaged to undertake a Revocation Survey (i.e. a land-swap Cadastral Survey) to make the land-swap a reality. It’s great to be a part of a well-balanced solution which promotes the Social, Economic and Environmental future of the Sunshine Coast.

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