Celebrating more than 55 years of taking the pulse of ‘the heart of Gladstone’

Celebrating more than 55 years of taking the pulse of ‘the heart of Gladstone’

Recently QAL (Queensland Alumina Limited) celebrated 50 years of production at their Gladstone Alumina Refinery which has been referred to locally as the ‘heart of Gladstone’. The Refinery, which is one of the largest in the world, converts Bauxite from Weipa (North Queensland) and Gove (Northern Territory) into Alumina powder for use in the production of Aluminium; both locally at the Boyne Island Smelter and for export markets.

JFP has had a long history of providing survey services to QAL across the site. In fact, JFP’s involvement with QAL began as early as 1963 with the completion of the original Contour and Detail Survey for the Construction Design of the refinery. JFP has continued to work together with QAL to provide survey services since Aulimna production began in 1967 to the present day.

Of course, a lot has changed over the time that the refinery has been operating in Gladstone.  As you would expect so have the methods that JFP uses to obtain the varied measurements that QAL needs. These days Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (aka. Drones) with high precision Survey and Photography equipment onboard are often used to provide QAL with the accurate measurements they need to keep production going.

As a business with a long-term base in Gladstone servicing Central Queensland, JFP is proud of its long association with QAL and looks forward to using its skills to continue taking the pulse of the ‘heart of Gladstone’ for many years to come.

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