Our Sustainability Consultants

JFP Urban Consultants offers a range of Sustainability Consulting services to complement and enhance our town planning, urban design, landscape architecture, surveying, engineering, environmental and digital solutions services. Our Sustainability Consultant can help guide our clients on environmental, social and governance (ESG) sustainability practices by providing clear frameworks for documenting and certifying sustainability achievements.

JFP can apply Sustainability Consulting services to a wide range of urban development projects, from small subdivisions and multiple dwelling developments through to master planned communities, urban renewal schemes and urban growth area structure plans. By utilising UDIA’s EnviroDevelopment and GBCA’s Green Star – Communities rating tools, as well as a range of bespoke sustainability initiatives tailored to our clients’ individual needs, we aim to deliver improved project-related return on investment for ESG initiatives.

Key benefits from applying ESG sustainability initiatives to urban development projects can include:

  • Responding to escalating customer demands for Sustainability features; improving purchaser buy-in and engagement.
  • Attracting ‘green’ price premiums on the project products.
  • Lowering longer-term operational and maintenance costs; particularly in relation to energy and water use.
  • Improving the quality of life and health outcomes for residents, occupants and visitors through better amenity, affordability, active and public transport, services and community outcomes.
  • Optimising return on investment for essential and discretionary infrastructure, facilities and materials expenditure through direct and indirect cost-benefit assessment.
  • Aligning projects with current and emerging State and Federal government renewable energy, resource efficiency, environmental and carbon emissions targets.
  • Gaining industry and customer recognition for a project’s sustainability initiatives by securing certification against nationally-recognised sustainability benchmarks.
  • Future-proofing projects against climate change-related impacts whilst improving occupant safety and investment protection.
  • Helping to secure timely approvals and recognition in an environment of increased regulatory complexity and reach.
  • Reducing project risk profiles and aligning project planning with eligibility criteria for green finance.
  • Meeting corporate governance goals by demonstrating commitments to minimising and offsetting the negative impacts of urban development on the environment, and by promoting transparency, accountability, and responsible decision-making in urban development.
  • Helping to track project progress and ensuring that developments and proponents are meeting their sustainability goals and commitments.

JFP’s principal Sustainability Consultant, Chris van der Pol, has provided certified assessor services to the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) in the certification of almost half of Australia’s certified Green Star Communities over the past decade. This extensive experience base supports JFP’s personalised and highly effective approach to helping clients identify and achieve the sustainability goals that are relevant to the specific project circumstances.

Please feel free to contact our office to discuss how we can apply sustainability initiatives to your project and optimise potential project benefits.