Our Urban Designers and Master Planners

JFP’s Urban Designers + Master Planners seek to create places that respect the environment, deliver efficient responses to site challenges, are socially sustainable and, importantly, meet our client’s commercial goals.

JFP’s Urban Designers + Master Planners are able to work in combination with JFP’s wide-ranging professional team, including Town Planners and Landscape Architects, to deliver designs aimed at creating exceptional places to live, work and play. They apply their extensive experience to create places that can be efficiently delivered onsite; having regards to both aesthetic and practical construction considerations.

JFP understands that good design is an essential element in the delivery of new urban development, regardless of the scale, whether related to large scale Master Planned Communities or individual allotments.

JFP’s Urban Designers + Master Planners can provide the following services:

  • Master Planning
  • Structure Planning
  • Sub-divisional Design
  • Townhouse Site Design
  • Concept Plans
  • Building Envelope Plans

Recent Urban Design + Master Planning Projects