St Lucia, Brisbane – South East Queensland




Revitalisation of College entry precinct and carpark



  • High profile revitalisation of college grounds
  • Lead consultant managing concept, design and construction of landscape
  • Compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act and University restrictions and timetables

A well-known landmark within the University of Queensland, Union College is the university’s largest residential college. The co-educational institution has housed students since the mid-60’s in buildings which have been heritage-listed for their social, cultural and architectural significance.

As lead consultant presented with the task of creating a fresh look for the landscape surrounding the College, JFP’s first step was to creatively assess how best to work with the existing environment. This involved understanding the sites heritage and its former use as the university forestry site; which explained some of the significant vegetation found on the college grounds. The final design also had to pass the precise requirements of both the Union College Board and the University of Queensland Senate.

The outcome of JFP’s educated approach to the design of the College landscape could be described as a seamless union between the new and the old on the site. JFP’s design sought to de-institutionalise the College’s landscape by balancing light-weight materials that create a sense of openness against personal spaces created through the use of nooks, decks and platforms. The new landscape appears to blend in with the existing buildings to create an accessible place within which students can comfortably study, rest and play.