Central Queensland




Lots sizes up to 17 000 Ha



  • Various large scale rural subdivision and Freeholding Surveys
  • Combination of GPS and Traditional Surveying Methods
  • Town Planning and Surveying services liaising with Council and Government Departments.

JFP have provided surveying services for various landowners in relation to development of large rural parcels of rural land.
Our town planners and surveyors have prepared documentation required for development approvals to local councils and government departments for subdivision approvals (council) and Freeholding applications (Department of Natural Resources – State Land Asset Management).

JFP surveyors have used a combination of GPS and Total Station surveying techniques to complete the field surveys required with re-instate original corners and peg new lot corners.

The surveyors have had to overcome various challenges such as:
– Accessing remote boundary locations by hiking through rugged, difficult terrain with thick vegetation.
– Applying to government departments for boundary pegging exemptions due to the corners being inaccessible.
– Preparing ambulatory boundary reports to prove creek boundary locations.
– Liaising with clients and neighbouring landowners to gain access through properties to survey remote boundary locations.

JFP have always come up with the easiest, most efficient and cost-effective solutions to all issues relating to these surveys, to provide the client with the best service possible.