Gladstone – Central Queensland




One of the world’s largest Alumina refineries




  • Largest Alumina refinery in the world
  • Almost 50 years of continual service provision to refinery
  • Stockpile inventory, structure movement monitoring and residue storage area surveys

The provision of survey services since the inception of the plant in the 1960’s has given JFP an intimate knowledge of the precise requirements needed to ensure the ongoing operations of one of the World’s largest alumina refineries. This includes Stockpile Inventory, Structure Movement Monitoring and Residue Storage Area Surveys in addition to more traditional survey services such as As-Built, Construction, Identification and Lease Surveys.

The specialised Stockpile Inventory, Structure Movement Monitoring and Residue Storage Area Surveys require a high level of precision to detect small movements over time so that potential issues are addressed long before they have any impact on operations. This level of precision allows for long term maintenance schedules and operations planning to be confidently based on the measurements. Working in a challenging environment such as that found on an Alumina Refinery also requires a precise focus on safety issues. JFP has a 5 Star Safety Rating for its work practices which it strictly employs at all times.

JFP has proven over many decades that it possesses the specialised skills required to partner with one of the World’s largest alumina refineries to ensure efficient ongoing operations. This experience has lead to JFP also being appointed to provide its services to the Rio Tinto Yarwun Alumina Refinery. Combined with the work that it undertakes with the Boyne Smelters, JFP can confidently claim to possess world’s best-practice survey skills relating to the Aluminium Industry.