Heathwood, Brisbane – South East Queensland




203 Lot Residential Estate including Local Parkland




  • Growth Corridor location
  • Efficient yield with a mix of lot sizes
  • Retention of Significant Vegetation
  • 7500m2 of Local Park Provided
  • Cohesive Streetscape Design with native species

Located in the leafy suburb of Heathwood, just under 20 km southwest of Brisbane city, the multi- staged residential development ‘Prominence’ by Ausbuild is true to its name. The site rises from its entry point to the constructed park which has distant city views offering access to the summertime North-East breezes.

The 7500m2 Local Park in the centre of development offers well located, useable open space, which also facilitated the retention and enhancement of significant vegetation on the site. All of this results in a high level of amenity within the estate. Delivered over multiple stages, the estate seamlessly connects into the adjoining estates, providing connectivity in the overall road network and legibility for residents.

Delivery of the Estate required complex negotiations with Brisbane City Council and Queensland Urban Utilities to secure Offsets for trunk works well in excess of $1M. JFP was able to assist our Client to navigate the Infrastructure Offset maze to achieve a positive outcome; by securing appropriate Offsets for the trunk works.