Barellan Point, Ipswich – South East Queensland



Project PArtner: Urban Play


New playground as part of broader river front open space redevelopment. Completed 2012




  • Collaborative design and delivery with Urban Play and Dig-It Landscapes
  • Reinstatement of popular community asset as part of flood reconstruction

The Ipswich Waterside Parks Project involved two flood affected parks; Joseph Brady Park & Riverside Park, located in Ipswich. After the 2011 floods, Ipswich City Council required a team of Landscape Architects, Landscape Contractors and technical subconsultants to redesign and re-construct the battered parks, which had previously been popular public spaces.

JFP’s proposal for the reconstruction of Joseph Brady Park at the Bremer and Brisbane River junction, included redesign of carpark and access, open space, gathering spaces and a large integrated playground area.

The main aim of the design was to re-establish the park as an important recreational space for the community, while also improving resilience for future flood events.

The bank stabilisation and revegetation of banks that were washed away during the 2011 floods aims to secure the bank in a way that will reduce the impacts of a future flood.

Working with and coordinating with a number of subconsultants, which included JFP’s own Engineers, Planners and Surveyors, JFP’s Landscape Architects were able to create a park system that is user-friendly, inviting and which will ultimately provide valuable open space opportunities for the community.

As recognition of the excellent outcome achieved, Joseph Brady Park was awarded the Queensland Award for Parks by Parks & Leisure Australia.