Bridgeman Downs, Brisbane – South East Queensland




80 Residential allotments



  • Prestige multi residential development
  • Nestled in natural surrounding bushland
  • Cohesive Street Scape design
  • Entry Statement

“Harrington” is a high quality residential subdivision off Beckett Road at Bridgeman Downs. The project involved all of JFP’s services working collaboratively from the acquisition and concept phase to completion. The residential estate consisted of 80 residential lots, a large scale bioretention basin, overland flow channels, along with extensive streetscape and entry feature works.

At the inception phase of the project, JFP’s Urban Designers worked collaboratively with the JFP Engineering team and external hydraulic consultants to develop a lot layout which addressed the exiting site constraints whilst ensure a suitable yield and lot mix.

One of the key issues with the site related to the existing stormwater drainage and overland flow conditions. JFP Engineers, in conjunction with the project hydraulic consultant, systematically worked through the various modelling options to assess and demonstrate the suitability of the proposal from a hydraulic perspective.

Being an in-fill development, concerns from the local community were addressed throughout the DA process, with consultation occurring on various occasions. The level of consultation assisted in the communities understanding of the project and ultimately the achievement of the overall development approval.

Significant earthworks, allotment benching and retaining walls were required to produce level building pads on the site. These works have been complemented by a high quality landscape design which incorporates the retention of on-site vegetation where feasible.