Gladstone – Central Queensland




1,613MW Coal Fired Power Station




  • Only privately owned Power Station in Queensland
  • Main supplier of power to Gladstone Industry Hub
  • Ongoing services to facilitate operations incl. ash management, coal stockpiles, monitoring sedimentation intake

JFP has had an involvement with the Gladstone Power Station since its inception. Over the last 20 years JFP has gained extensive experience in providing ongoing services to Queensland’s only private power station. The Power Station is the main supplier of power to the Gladstone Industry Hub which includes users such as Queensland Alumina, Australia’s largest Alumina Refinery, and the Boyne Aluminium Smelter.

One of the more unusual surveys provided by JFP, amongst a wide range of surveys relating to the operation of the Power Station, is the ongoing measurement of ash ponds. The waste product generated by the Power Station, ash, is treated, placed in bunded ‘ponds’ and allowed to settle to create lands reclaimed from adjacent mud flats. When the ash pond reaches capacity it is capped and then converted to a new use. A recently completed ash pond has been converted to sporting fields for general public use. JFP provides precise ongoing measurements of the land reclamation process.

JFP’s long term and ongoing work on the Gladstone Power Station has produced a deep understanding of the needs of an operating Power Station. he Gladstone Power Station Project has resulted in JFP possessing proven experience and understanding which it can offer to Power Station Operators and the Power & Energy Industry.