Newstead, Brisbane – South East Queensland



Project Partner: Cox Architecture


Mixed Use Commercial and Retail Precinct
Woolworths Shopping Centre and Public Plaza



  • Large multi-purpose Public Plaza and Comfortable, sub-tropical central hub
  • Custom furniture and planter design

The Gasworks at Newstead Riverpark is an extensive, master planned, mixed use development, with the heritage listed and predominant Brisbane landmark, The Gasometer, at its centre.

The Gasworks precinct is riverfront land that was once a series of yards, stores, pipelines and storage devices associated with gas supply. It was a fragmented place that was dissected by access roads, rail lines and the main drainage line.

JFP’s role in the development is to design one cohesive space, while still providing for the various diverse precincts envisioned for the development. Precincts include retail, commercial, bars and restaurants, as well as a very unique public plaza set around and within the structure of the Gasometer itself.

JFP’s vision for the space was based on creating a comfortable, subtropical place of renewable experiences rich in detail, choice and variety; while still integrating the play, permeability and legibility of a public space. Much emphasis was put on offering the excitement of discovery by telling the stories of the Gasworks in the subtle detail of lighting, pavements, seating and material selection.