Gladstone – Central Queensland




75 Multiple Unit Residential Project (~$25M)



  • Multi-storey apartment tower located within Gladstone City

JFP multi-disciplinary approach saw this High Density Residential project progress from conception to the construction phase smoothly. Working in tandem with the Client and project architect, JFP secured a Development Permit and also obtained relevant surveying data including identification survey, pre-construction survey and prepare preliminary Building Format Plans for the Community Titles Scheme.

Utilising an updated design and a report on shading provided by the Project Architect, JFP was able to create a precise planning argument to change the existing approval to the Clients’ benefit. The updated approval allowed for an increase in project yield and also reduced costs by removing the need for fixed shading on all units.

JFP offers an integrated approach, in association with project architects, to developing High Density Residential Sites. The G80 Project is further evidence of JFP’s ability to work with Urban Developers and Project Architects to facilitate the creation of High Density Residential Developments in regional cities and towns across Queensland.

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