Northgate, Brisbane – South East Queensland




20 Industrial Lots



  • Town Planning Development Assessment
  • Efficient Yield with a mix of Lot Sizes
  • High Quality Landscape Design
  • Cohesive Streetscape Design with Native Species

“62 Crockford Street” is a large Industrial Subdivision in the strategic industrial area of Northgate. JFP’s Town Planning, Landscape and Survey departments worked collaboratively on this project from inception, through to design and implementation. The estate consists of 20 industrial lots of varying sizes, to be utilised for a combination of Industrial and Commercial purposes.

One of the key issues with the site was the interface of the development with the nearby residential areas to the north. This issue was managed in collaboration with noise and environmental consultants to ensure a suitable landscape interface between the two uses, with minimal community concern.

Following on from the successful completion of the subdivision, JFP also handled the development assessment process associated with construction of independent restaurant and office/medical centre uses on the site. Through the DA process, JFP was able to demonstrate that the proposed uses were aimed at servicing the needs of the surrounding industrial areas. Whilst positive commercially, these uses also provide a high-quality streetscape along the frontage of the estate, something which is often lacking in this type of industrial development.