B.App Sc. (Surv) A.Dip (Surv)


As Managing Director of JFP, Ian has the ability to draw
on over 30 years experience of working as part of multidisciplinary
project teams to obtain quality results for Clients.

Early field and project experiences saw Ian intimately involved
in the management and delivery of a wide range of urban
development and infrastructure projects across Queensland.
His thoroughness, dedication and steady approach won praise
from peers and Clients alike who quickly recognised Ian as a
leader in the field of Urban Development Consulting. For the
past two decades Ian has been responsible for leading JFP’s strategic, financial
and operational performance.

Ian’s extensive experience has created a leadership style which
positively influences JFP’s approach to Urban Development
Consulting. JFP’s commitment to the use of multi-disciplinary
teams as a way of achieving outstanding results for Clients
stems from Ian’s personal understanding of the benefits
that cooperation amongst professionals can bring. Also, the
persistent determination in JFP’s corporate culture to gain
quality results for Clients has been influenced significantly by
Ian’s dedicated, thorough and steady approach to business.

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