Beyond Blue – Coastal Trek

Beyond Blue – Coastal Trek

Our Survey Manager, Andrew Miller, recently completed a 60km walk with teammates to help raise money for Beyond Blue.

Beyond Blue is an independent, not-for-profit organisation working to reduce the impact of anxiety and depression and prevent suicide, so that everyone in Australia can achieve their best possible mental health.

After a very uncertain year, it was a cause our team were eager to get behind. Alongside many other Australians, these sponsorship dollars helped this event raise over $1.1 million for Beyond Blue.

Andrew recapped his experience and how the 15-hour trek challenged his team and him both mentally and physically. Many teams had to tackle the downhill parts of the course backwards as their legs were too fatigued.

Andrew sends his thanks to all individuals who sponsored the event, with a special mention to his colleagues who helped him reach his sponsorship goal.

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