Two key concepts and a clear vision inspire JFP's service philosophy

Creativity Precision

JFP's distinctive collection of professional disciplines promotes a well balanced mix of creativity and precision that can be applied to any project within the urban environment. Within JFP, our highly creative Urban Designers & Landscape Architects inspire innovation and lateral thinking while the high level of precision consistently displayed by our Engineers, Surveyors and Planners is a reminder of the need to remain focused on project goals. In balancing both a creative and precise approach, all JFP's professionals understand the importance of providing the right advice at the right time in the right way.

Concept to Completion

JFP's various disciplines can work individually, alongside other industry peers, or as part of the overall JFP team. When working as a whole, JFP is able to provide consulting services from a project's Concept stage through to Completion due to its distinctive multi-disciplinary structure. This offers clients the opportunity to appoint a single consultancy to manage all the major aspects of their project. JFP offers a truly integrated approach to the planning, design and project management of future urban environments and infrastructure.


Our vision is to create vibrant places and communities which respect the environment, respond to physical challenges, embrace high quality design principles, are sustainable and, importantly, meet our client's commercial objectives. We expect that the twin traits of Creativity & Precision, which are deeply ingrained into JFP's corporate character, will continually challenge us to seek exciting, innovative solutions for each and every project. Ultimately our vision is for JFP to effectively and efficiently assist our clients to create excellent urban environments that meet the needs of an increasingly demanding marketplace.

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