In the Beginning

JFP's proud history can be traced right back to the trenches of Gallipoli. Ron McInnes, who is credited with surveying Quinn's Post at ANZAC Cove, returned home after WW1 to begin a survey practice and later to become Australia's first qualified town planner. McInnes employed and nurtured the career of Clem Jones; JFP's founder. Entrepreneurial and energetic, Clem revolutionised Survey practice in Australia before continuing onto an illustrious career as Lord Mayor of Brisbane.

Evolution over Time

Prior to becoming Lord Mayor of Brisbane in 1961 Clem passed his practice onto his associates, Ron Jones, Graham Flint & John Pike; thus the JFP name was born. During the '60s JFP developed into one of the largest Survey and Urban Consulting practices in Australia. JFP's revolutionary multi-disciplinary approach was later developed in the 1970s with the creation of an Engineering company and greater recognition of Urban Planning & Urban Design as separate disciplines. The '90s brought evolutionary change, when a Board comprising current Directors John Franklin & Ian Thomson was appointed to navigate JFP into the future. JFP's multi-disciplinary approach was further enhanced with the foundation of a Landscape Architecture practice in the mid-2000s.

Creativity Precision

JFP's long history of close to 75 years of practice has created an experienced, well-respected Urban Consultancy team. Combined with JFP's wide ranging skills, JFP experience allows it to offer Clients the benefits of both Creativity and Precision when devising solutions to the many complexities facing the development of the Urban Environment today. The same spirit of Creativity and Precision which saw the establishment of a dynamic Survey practice in the 40's and which helped JFP launch the multi-disciplinary approach in the 70's lives on today. Given JFP's proven ability to evolve across the generations to meet future challenges, this same spirit will continue to inspire JFP's Urban Consultancy services for a long time to come.

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